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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

“People's emotions and behaviours are influenced by their perception of events. Not the situation in and of it self that determines how they feel but in which they contrue a situation” Judith Beck

What is CBT?

It is normal for most of us to over-react to situations from time to time. If we are over tired or anxious about something, we may become oversensitive to what we think people are saying or doing. However, if this behaviour becomes the norm, this may indicate an underlying problem. CBT works through the emotional and behavioural distress brought about by these unhelpful thought patterns, teaching us to understand and formulate our problems and achieve new ways of evaluating our thoughts and generating alternative explanations for how we perceive situations. 

We are what we think, our thoughts influence the way we feel and behave. CBT gives us the option of changing how we think in order to change how we feel and behave by learning new sets of skills that give us more control over how we feel and react to events in life, which can ultimately change our relationship with the world in everyday situations.

How do I work?

We will work together challenging negative thought patterns using techniques for changing behaviours and moods. Our work will be goal oriented teaching you to be your own therapist. We will explore issues you may be struggling with and discover choices in situations which perhaps you currently believe have no resolve.

CBT is interactive and so we will agree a programme and set appropriate goals. Sessions will vary using different techniques. Assignments will be set between sessions. 

What can CBT help you with?

  • Adjustment and change, e.g. dealing with loss
  • Challenging irrational beliefs and thoughts
  • Work or personal relationship problems
  • Lack of confidence, low self esteem
  • Stress, anger, low mood, mood swings
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Enhancing work performance
  • Guilt
“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives” William James