Elaine Chambers Practice

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Initial 2 hour consultation


Weekly consultations of up to 90 minutes
(Can vary in frequency if required)
Payment by cash or cheque after each consultation.


Packages of 6 consultations attracts 5% discount


Reductions may be available for low incomes. Please ask for details.

If you have private medical insurance, fees may be reimbursed depending on your individual policy. Please check with your insurance company.

So, you have been giving serious thought to making some important changes in your life, well done! Achieving those changes really is easier than you think with the correct support and guidance.

Why don't you do what many of my clients do and call me for a brief chat about things first?

If you wish to free yourself from that annoying habit or problem, learn something new, or achieve better and greater things in your life, you are now just a phone call away from achieving it...so, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call me now... and as of this moment your life really can become what you want it to be.